BYOB Policy:

Great news, guys>>> I Luv Video is officially BYOB!

That’s right, please feel free to BYOB to either of our locations.


No hard liquor will be allowed. I.E., don’t be a dumb-ass and bring in a bottle of vodka. Please be decent (or at the very least discreet) by mixing that sh** into an alternate beverage. No glasses bottles allowed (unless you buy one of our koosies; that way, if you drop it, the glass will be contained). The same thing goes for wine. Bota boxes are greatly encouraged because they come in cartons. We cannot provide cups, so bring your own so that you can pour anything that might come in a bottle into a plastic cup for safety!!! Last but not least: you may only drink INSIDE our store. Anyone drinking alcohol outside our store will be reported to the police.

[Exceptions will be made for special events, in which case we will have our parking lot roped off to create a safe-zone for party-goers].