Who we are…

Conrad Bejarano, began his passion for video’s in 1980, renting out his first VCR and VHS movies. The excitement of watching movies at home, watching what you wanted when you wanted. The selection is nothing like it is today. Working at his first store in Mesa Arizona, called Sounds Easy.  Then  visiting Austin in 1983, it was decided this is the city is perfect too start his film passion, and I Luv Video was created.  Now the “Oldest and Largest Video store in the World”. Offering a out of this World Inventory  to rent & sale.
 We have a friendly, knowledgeable staff who’s as obsessed with movies as our clientele. While one can source and watch movies now and  on-demand streaming, I Luv Video is a portal back in time, where you can touch and see and experience the fun old days of video community and culture. A combination of an indie-supportive, film-loving customer base and a bohemian aesthetic keep I Luv Video culturally relevant and make our store a destination for visitors. We offer more than just films to rent.  We also provide a unique customer experience and a chance to rave and vent about films with people as enthusiastic as we are!