Why Does netflix Have So Few Good Movies?

Ever Wonder Why Netflix Offers Bad Movies?
A few weeks ago, I noticed a sandwich board outside one of New York’s last video stores, listing directors whose work is unavailable via Netflix streaming: Douglas Sirk, Agnes Varda, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, plus a few others only minimally represented on the streaming video service. The writer of the sign, while criticizing Netflix, was actually being kind; Netflix is notorious for its lack of great films, and much of what it offers can charitably be called “filler”.read more

This is why you won’t see Oscar Blockbusters streaming on netflix
Want to see “Gravity” or “12 Years A Slave”? How about “Dallas Buyer’s Club”?
You’ll have to go somewhere other than Netflix.
Not one of this year’s — or even last year’s — Best Picture nominees is available to stream on Netflix in the U.S. And only two Best Picture nominees are available from 2011, and two from 2012.
Movie studios wring big profits out of a new movie by keeping it in the theater for as long as possible, then selling DVDs, Blu-rays, and digital downloads to transactional video rental services like iTunes and Amazon Instant Video — all of which charge for each film. read more

Why does Netflix have so few good movies?
Every time I find out about a movie I want to watch and check Netflix, it is never there (most recent example – “Nights of Cabiria”). Most of the time I get the urge to watch something that I previously enjoyed on Netflix (for example the anime Foolie Coolie) they have removed it.
Because it’s more cost effective for them to buy TV shows and launch original series. read more

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