The only tattoo I’ve ever dreamed about covers the tricep of one of the I Luv Video clerks. An anthropomorphized hot dog in a bun wearing a Santa hat. Two iconic American images combined to create counterculture. Only in my dream the Santa hot dog was also the Virgin Mary.
Crap food. Consumerism. Religion. A dream about my America, truly.
But I Luv Video is the best of my America. Good for more than tattoo watching. Sure, Netflix comes right to your mailbox, but cut up Blockbuster cards festoon the rafters over the I Luv registers. And it’s great entertainment just to pace the concrete floors and read the notes taped to the DVD covers by the I Luv staff.
On the cover of Oliver Stone’s W. (2008), the biopic about George W. Bush, the note says: “Oliver Stone, you are dead to me now. –Aaron”
And when I picked up The Ladykillers (2004), happy to have spotted a Coen Brothers film I haven’t yet seen, I was given a shock and a laugh by the warning taped just below Tom Hanks’s face: “You better put this down and go wash your hands. You are holding a piece of shit.”
A more enthusiastic review for Inglorious Bastards by I Luv staff member Alex: “Hell yeah! This movie is super rad!”
Long live indie movie stores. Long live I Luv Video!

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